Every meeting is unique and significant, which is why we have series of meeting facilities at Naumi Hotel drawn out to cater to your every occasion. 3 meeting rooms named Varta 1, Varta 2 and 8M own distinct characters which can play host to a variety of seating arrangements customizable to your meeting needs to a maximum capacity of 20 persons seated.

Decadently deisgned meeting spaces inspired by opulent cigar lounges with masculine shades of blue, comfortable furniture, and chandelier lighting make for the ultimate gathering outside the office. All meeting rooms are wired with high-tech audio-visual facilities, high-speed WIFI internet and Nespresso coffee-making machines.

Coffee breaks and set meals can also be arranged by Table by Rang Mahal to refresh yourself over the long intensive meeting. You will have everything you need to get your job done without having to compromise with style and fare.

For more information, please call +65 6403 6003 or email

Naumi Hotel Meeting Room - Varta 1  2 Combined